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Gold Plated clip-on earrings

Double toned non pierced earrings

Gold silver Plated clip on earring

Fashion Jewelry earrings Fashion Jewelry earrings Fashion Jewelry earrings
Item Code : ECOR1
Market price : $13.00USD
Wholesale Price : $4.50USD
Item Code : ECOR2
Market price : $15.00USD
Wholesale Price : $5.00USD
Item Code : ECOR3
Market price : $15.00USD
Wholesale Price : $5.00USD

Silver Gold Plated non-pierced earrings

Double toned stud clipon earrings

Stone jewelry nonpierced earrings

Fashion Jewelry earrings Fashion Jewelry earrings Fashion Jewelry earrings
Item Code : ECOR4
Market price : $15.00USD
Wholesale Price : $5.00USD
Item Code : ECOR5
Market price : $15.00USD
Wholesale Price : $5.00USD
Item Code : ECOR6
Market price : $30.00USD
Wholesale Price : $10.00USD

Gold Plated stone jewelry clip earrings


Fashion jewelry double tone non pierce earrings

Fashion Jewelry earrings   Fashion Jewelry earrings
Item Code : ECOR7
Market price : $27.00USD
Wholesale Price : $9.00USD
Item Code : ECOR8
Market price : $15.00USD
Wholesale Price : $5.00USD
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A few words on Cheap Fashion Jewelry Clip on Earrings ...
Earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry. They are affordable, stylish and fun. For women who aren’t comfortable having their ears pierced or they’ve had trouble in the past wearing pierced earrings, they have a great alternative in clip on earrings. Clip on earrings are easy to wear and despite what many people believe, they don’t fall off your ears. They are designed to stay put and look great for hours of wear. If you visit the jewelry department of your favorite department store you’ll find many choices in clip on earrings. They come in the standard gold and silver varieties but that is just a drop in the bucket of what is available. You can purchase clip on earrings in almost every style that pierced earrings are available in. One of the most popular designs is hoops. Hoops can be found in not only silver and gold but also in several different colors. The colored clip on earrings that are in the shape of a hoop are generally made from a hard plastic material making them both affordable and functional. They are an especially fun way to add color to your outfit. If you are looking for clip on earrings that are more demure you might be interested in a stud type earring. These can consist of a gold or silver ball. A solitaire gemstone is also a very popular type of earring.

Many people shy away from clip on earrings because they fear that they are painful. When clip on earrings were first introduced decades ago they were known to pinch the ear. Manufacturers believed that the earrings had to be tight to ensure they didn’t fall off. This would often leave the woman wearing the clip on earrings with very painful and red ear lobes. They would breathe a sigh of relief when the end of the day was near and they could remove the earrings and give their ears a much needed break. That’s not the case anymore as clip on earrings are now designed for maximum comfort. It’s not unusual for a woman to put on clip on earrings and then completely forget that she’s wearing them. Clip on earrings are also ideal for children. Although you don’t want to place too small of an earring on a child who is prone to putting things in her mouth for fear that she’ll pull the earring off and swallow it. For a slightly older child though they make a wonderful alternative to pierced earrings. The little girl gets the chance to wear an earring without having to endure the pain and possible complications that come with having your ears pierced. Clip on earrings are a perfect way to add accessories to your wardrobe. With their ease of application and affordable price you can incorporate a new pair into your look every day of the week.

Clip on earrings are so versatile and shouldn't be relegated to only ear jewelry. While pierced earrings are secure and can be more comfortable to wear, they are limited to your ears. But the places you can wear clip on earrings are limited only by your imagination! Try clipping them on your lapel or a hat for a little burst of color or sparkle. My absolute favorite place to wear clip ones is on the cuffs of my jacket or long sleeved blouse. I use a needle and thread to tack them in place. It's incredible how many people comment on my cuffs! I've also worn them on a t-shirt pocket, jeans pocket, cloth belt, in my hair and sewn/tacked to a ribbon tied around my wrist. Use them as scarf clips, dress clips, etc. Geez, I've used them to hide a small stain on my favorite blouse that I just couldn't let go...think of the places you could wear them. I scatter clip ons all over my clothes. Because they are generally smaller you can group them together or place them side by side for unique, delicious designs.

Picture sparkling clear rhinestones on each cuff or stunning ruby red rhinestones clipped on your shoes or sandals. Many of the vintage clip on earrings contain colorful beads, vintage plastic or luscious faux pearls. It's easy to find places to clip! It's the small subtle accessories that tend to draw the most remarks. Check your favorite vintage jewelry shops for rhinestone clip on earrings. Many times you can find gorgeous pairs at yard sales and thrift shops. You'll see how reasonably priced they are and you may just pick up an idea or two of your own. I say: If you have them, get them out of your jewelry box and enjoy. And, if you don't have any, go get some of these small works of art and start your own trendy fashion jewellery wardrobe ! Several varieties of non-pierced earrings exist.

Clip-on earrings - Clip-on earrings have existed longer than any other variety of non-pierced earrings. The clip itself is a two-part piece attached to the back of an earring. The two pieces closed around the earlobe, using mechanical pressure to hold the earring in place.

Ear cuff Earrings - An ear cuff is a curved band of metal that is pressed onto the helix of the ear. It stays on by pinching the ear.

Magnetic earrings - Magnetic earrings simulate the look of a (pierced) stud earring by attaching to the earlobe with a magnetic back that hold the earring in place on by magnetic force.

Stick-on earrings - Stick-on earrings are adhesive-backed items which stick to the skin of the earlobe and simulate the look of a (pierced) stud earring. They are considered a novelty item.

Spring hoop earrings - spring hoops are almost indistinguishable from standard hoop earrings and stay in place by means of spring force.

Ear Hook earrings - A large hook like the fish hook that is big enough to hook and hang over the whole ear and dangles.

The Hoop Earrings - A hoop threads over the ear and hangs from just inside the ear, above where ears are pierced. Mobiles or other dangles can be hung from the hoop to create a variety of styles.

Ear Screws - Screwed onto the lobe, allow for exact adjustment - an alternative for those who find clips too painful.

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