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Belly dance jewellery belts wholesale
Cheap Polki jewelry belly chain wholesale - traditional semiprecious polki belly dance jewellery - indian polki belly chain waist belt catalogue - ethnic polki jewelleries wholesale export supply
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Polki stone studded fashion belly belt with pearl beads.

Polki stone studded fashion waist belts.

Polki jewelry fashion belly chains with pearl beads.

Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply
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Indian Polki belly jewelry belts.

Polki kundan stone studded fashion belly belt.

Polki stone studded fashion belly chains.

Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply
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Polki stone studded fashion belly belt.

Polki Kundan jewelry belly chains.

Polki stone studded fashion belly jewellery belts.

Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply Polki belly chains, kundan belts, belly jewelry wholesale supply
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Our Wholesale Price : $24.99USD
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A few words on Belly Dance Jewellery ...
Something all belly dancers have in common is a love of body adornment or body jewellery. We pile on make up, jewelry, wigs, hair decorations, costumes and permanent or temporary tattoos until we look like human Christmas trees, or a prize doll that you\92d win at a carnival! Many of the cosmetics and accoutrements we use are modern inventions, and worn just for fun, such as body glitter\85but a lot of the adornments we wear come from customs that are probably older than recorded history. Here are some types of body decorations that have been traditionally linked specifically to belly dance or to cultural, religious and ceremonial traditions that have been adopted by modern-day belly dancers.

Kohl or Kajol : Probably the world\92s first and most famous eyeliner, kohl has been used constantly from ancient times to the present day. Thousands of years ago in Egypt, the luxurious fine black powder rimmed the eyes of women, as well as men and children, and acted not only as a cosmetic, but served to protect the eyes from the glare of the hot desert sun, and was also known for it\92s antibacterial properties. Ancient Egyptian art included depictions of both humans and gods alike with heavily rimmed dark eyes. Desert nomads, as well as city dwellers still use kohl today for these same reasons. For centuries, kohl was made from ground up minerals, such as antimony and galena- or ash- mixed with animal fat and/or some sort of oil. Galena and antimony, which are both lead sulfide products, are toxic and their use can lead to lead poisoning; also, kohl made with any sort of ash or charcoal in it is a carcinogen.

Kohl is still widely used throughout North Africa as well as in the Middle East, where it is sometimes called kajal and in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries where is known as surma. Nowadays, traditionally-made kohl is widely available in it\92s countries of origin, but because the manufacturing of kohl is mostly unregulated, not to mention the potential danger of the ingredients, importing it is illegal in many Western countries. Commercially packaged kohl is often for sale at bazaars, import or specialty stores, but remember that you will be putting this product on your eyes, and you may not be sure exactly what is in it. You can get the same exotic effect from using any number of commercially manufactured, safe-to-use soft eye pencils or powders.

Henna :
Since the dawn of history, henna has been used as a cosmetic. In ancient Egypt, Nerfertiti and Cleopatra were known to use henna, and it was also popular in India and throughout the Roman Empire. A shrub that is native to arid climates, henna was cultivated for many uses. The leaves were ground into a paste, sometimes referred to as mehndi, that was coveted for the rich reddish-brown color it produced. Mehndi paste been used for thousands of years to dye hair, skin, fingernails, fabric, and leather, such as saddles and drum heads. The flowers of the henna plant were also used to make perfume. Additionally, henna has medicinal properties, and has been used for hundreds of years as an antifungal agent and insect repellent.

In the ancient Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, henna was regarded as bringing baraka or blessings to those who wore it. Henna was used in bridal ceremonies on the bride herself often in intricate, traditional designs, as well as on the groom and on the wedding guests. It has also been traditionally used in other celebrations such as circumcisions, the Hebrew festival of Purim, or in Arabic countries for Eid parties or Islamic moulids, or saint\92s days. These traditions that have continued for centuries and show no signs of going away. On these types of occasions, henna is applied to the hands and feet (and sometimes other places on the body) in intricate, traditional designs, which are supposed to ward off evil and bring good luck to the person wearing them. Often, henna paste or mehndi was also applied to the hooves and tails of domestic animals, such as donkies, horses and camels, for the same reason.

Depending on the strength of the paste, and the texture of the person's skin to which it is applied as a tattoo, henna decorations can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. After drying, it can appear in any shade ranging from bright orange to dark brown. These traditional designs are applied with a wooden stick, or squeezed from a cone, and done free hand or sometimes with mehndi stencils. Bridal mehndi has become a booming business in modern India, Pakistan, and many Arab countries, as well as in immigrant communities in North America and Europe. This work uses contemporary as well as traditional designs, and often incorporates glitter, rhinestones or other modern touches.

Henna has also taken off as a trendy body decoration among people who have no idea about its cultural or historical significance. It is often offered as temporary tattoos at Renaissance Faires, street festivals and pirate gatherings or bachelorette parties. Another place henna is commonly seen is at beach resorts, where street vendors offer henna as temporary tattoos. Often artists offer \93black henna\94\85but word to the wise: in nature, there is no such thing as black henna. The paste used to create the jet-black henna tattoos usually is mixed with a carcinogenic hair dye containing para-phenylenediamin, or PPD. When applied directly to the skin, PPD can cause extremely severe- and in some cases fatal- allergic reactions in certain individuals, including blistering, permanent scarring and long-lasting chemical sensitivity. Make sure than any henna product that you put on your skin or hair is made of all natural ingredients.

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